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The 9 Lives of Ray the Cat Jones – Sensitive Skin (NYC) October 2014

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The 9 Lives of Ray the Cat Jones: A novel by Stewart Home (Test Centre, 2014)
In June 2013 Stewart Home, an (in) famous London author/writer/performer, receives a parcel. There is no return address on it; or a name to indicate who the person who sent it is, but Home is excited for there are few who use the postal service nowadays; it must be something of value (not economic but fundamental). He unwraps it and inside is a manuscript; it is the story (auto? biography?) of Ray the Cat Jones, a notorious cat burglar who worked out of London in the 50’s and 60’s. Strange and coincidental, Home is doing research into Ray Jones, has been for a few years, for he is intrigued and fascinated by the life of this politically aware criminal (they share the same politics, both loathe the bourgeoisie, the ‘toffs’, the ‘gits’, the rich who profit because of their vicious, evil (no not evil this smacks of Christianity) exploitation of the working class) and (is this important) Ray Jones is his first cousin once removed. Home’s mother, Julia Callan (she visited Ray the Cat in prison, not often but more than once) was the daughter of Ray Jones mother’s sister (I think). Julia Callan, a one-time ‘good time’ girl who partied with Christine Keeler, (rumour has it that at some stage in the good time John F Kennedy came to London, he grooved in these circles, and nine months after he left town Julie Callan had a child, Llewellyn, born in, not sure when, but born sometime around the time that Home was born).

And so I wonder: Who speaks this novel? Who writes this novel? (continue reading…)


END – Dissertation

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University of Chicago

A Thesis Submitted for a Doctorate of Philosophy – 2013

Beppi Chiuppani



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Mandy, Charlie and Mary Jane: A Novel by
Stewart Home (Penny Ante Editions, Los Angeles, 2013)

Who reads Stewart Home? Home will say “very few, people are cowed by the malevolent society
in which we live, they believe in its values for they have no other frame of
reference, they fear it as they can think of nothing to replace it, they cannot
question it for all questioning challenges its essence.” (It is very postmodern
to say something for another; after all they may have said it, will say it or they
may not have and never will. What is verisimilitude?). But no matter here is
Stewart Home’s novel (or 245 pages of text) (continue reading…)


END – The Mail and Guardian

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Mail and Guardian, 2009 –  Shaun de Waal 

End by Barbara Adair (Jacana) (continue reading…)