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Flying to Lake Turkana – The Jade Sea

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Turkana ST

The Sunday Times November 2013

Early morning in Nairobi “This is the rainy season,” a pilot says “difficult flying in Kenya now, Nairobi is high, 2000 feet and the weather patterns are unpredictable, but it is still early, at some point there will be a gap and when it comes, take it.”

A handful of blue, we take a right hand turn out. I hold the map on my knees and watch the green lines of the GPS. In the lull the sky is open, all around this space it is grey; the clouds are opaque and ponderous. “Storm clouds,” Tamiko says, “we will have to avoid them, how high are the peaks, we can probable only go up as 6500feet because of the cloud cover, we may have to fly around them.”
We sidestep a storm, and fly over the Nairobi suburb of Karen, named for Karen Blixen; then the Ngong Hills, the clouds are heavy around the four raised knuckles, from the ground they are benign, now they are malevolent. Below us Hog Ranch, the sometime residence of Peter Beard, khaki cloth walls hold within them many journeys. I could die in the Ngong Hills; disappear in the indifferent sky, and who would know. (continue reading…)



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Sunday Times May 2013

(Central Kalahari Game Reserve)

The earth beneath me is far away, I can touch her and yet I am enclosed, this is a retinal experience, visually sensuous, no sound but the engine, no smell but perspiration, no taste but salt, 5500 feet above the ground and I look out. Arid semi desert below me, blue sky surrounds; an uneven landscape, small hills that are shrubs, bumpy green, and the sky, an uneven blue; hills in the sky, scatterings of cloud. (continue reading…)



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The Sunday Independent October 2012For most people, says Monsieur Jaro, when you say Toumbouctou, it is like the end of the world, for others it is a place that is not there, but that is not true. I am from Toumbouctou, and I can tell you that we are right at the heart of the world. (continue reading…)


Ethiopian People in Johannesburg

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Sunday Independent 2012 JanuaryCars howl; animated machines move, stop, disgorge people …… it is a Monday morning, the beginning of a week that may, or may not, be busy.

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Lesotho and the World Cup – A Road Trip

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In: From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall: Travellors Best, Worst and most Ridiculous Stories from the Road.

Compiled and edited by David Slenk (US)

We drive; a generation, a movement, beating a heart. On the Road, Dean Moriarty, I am on the road, a road trip through Lesotho. … in no time at all we were back on the main highway and that night I saw the entire state of Nebraska unroll before my eyes  … an arrow road, sleeping towns, no traffic and the union pacific streamliner falling behind us in the moonlight … unreal with dream like rapidity as we roared ahead and talked … it was time for us to move on…. we are a seeking generation, we want god to show us his face. (continue reading…)