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Legacy Project

My Book of Life – A Memoir for Stefanie Hassall

by on Oct.17, 2016, under Legacy Project


The house is filled with paintings; landscapes, clouds, an assortment of the ‘okes’, many of Ganesh. Also people, are they her children, her friends, the friends that she has made in her solitariness?

They are beautiful these paintings, the colours are soft, there does not appear to be anything harsh in them. Have you always been an artist, or is this something new?

I love art, all art; I have always loved it, particularly the more classical. I am not that keen on the modernists. I know and understand that they are attempting to tell me something but I am never certain what it exactly is. Yes, they talk, but not necessarily to me, and we all have to listen to our own voices. But to answer the question, no, I only started painting after I had the strokes. (continue reading…)


Veronica’s Baby- A Narrative based on a True Account for Cyril Wides

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A story for Cyril Wides: a narrative, and a valuable story, based on a part of his life.

Barbara sits down opposite me. We are in a coffee shop in Killarney, the Europa. I have been here many times but not in the recent past. It has changed somewhat. The Jews of Killarney are still here, elderly women and men who have lived here for aeons, it is, but used to be more so, a very Jewish suburb, but now there are many more of Islamic extract. I supposed that both a Shul and a Mosque are close by. The Shul is old, the Oxford Shul, I’m not sure that many people still go there, and the Mosque is further away, but still close, up in Houghton. The same people, almost the same features, just different religions, and even some fashionable looking young women, but nowadays they are black and white, not just white.

“Do we make this like an interview? How will it work?”

She sits down on the chair opposite me and takes out a notebook, nothing else, just one notebook. (continue reading…)



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·   A story – writing, about people and their experiences – a legacy

·   You and your family experiences, your business, something that just happened to you

·   I will write a narrative, including pictures, about you and your life

·   A graphic designer will design the layout

·    Something for friends and family, business associates, for you.


“We all have a story to tell. We cannot exist only for ourselves; we exist through and in the other, the other’s story, our story. And so to tell a story we become a character in our own story for in your own story you are the central character, you have agency. Sometimes the central character is hidden, he is the person behind the door, unseen, watching maybe you can make your character walk out of the narrative and another character will walk in, say what you want to say, do what you want to do, or say what you do not want to say, do what you do not want to do. The character of you is the story.” Murray Nossel: Narrative Inc. NYC

“The idea of the writing of your story; the capturing of themes, ideas, memories, for to remember and re-remember is to create a story, we are all creators, of our own present, our own future, to imagine a future is how to survive. Meaning does not pre-exist the interpretation and re-telling of experiences. So imagine a future and recreate a memory, redefine it, re-remember and change its power. “Michael White: Narrative Therapy